As we were trying to catch up on price action in  UWM, our buy orders were getting rejected, no matter what we tried.

And now a DUST buy order was rejected, too. The rejection message read: “Only orders that liquidate positions are allowed.”

That was already too much, so Eugene went, called Virtual Brokers, and got through this time. The explanation was quick, but convoluted. In a nutshell, the problem has to do with situations when the amount of money in the account was smaller than the amount of outstanding buy orders.

In any case, the lady at the other end of the phone promised to make manual changes on my account so that it wouldn’t occur again, until the main program gets fixed.

Now we are in a predicament: UWM and DUST have shot past their buy values. What should we do now? Chase the market and buy at market? Set a certain buy stop? It looks like we will just buy UWM at market and set a buy order for DUST at the original 55-day high line. Today DUST  closed lower than the 55-day high line.

Symbol 3-bar hi market ADX 5-day Comment BS SS RPS
KORS meg 17d yes
LULU yes meg 19up
Hot Hands
BIB bull 12up yes
DUST pen 23up yes
DXJ bull 24up
IGN yes bull 39up new SL 26.45
PALL pen 12d yes
RUSL bull 25up yes
TAO meg 28d yes new SL 21.63
YCS yew bull 39d
SPY yes bull 15up yes
UHN bear
UWM bull 20up yes