It’s odd. Yesterday, we were puzzled as to why our UWM order was not filled. OK, we thought – maybe something happened with Virtual Brokers and the order got lost in the shuffle. So we decided to jump right in, after a legitimate TA order would have been filled. Another buy order was placed – and it was rejected. Now it looks like the previous order was rejected, too. The message that comes up says “Only orders that liquidate positions are allowed.” Does anyone have any idea what that means?

As far as the other trading activities go, LULU has pierced through the 55-day channel and would get filled for those who had a CB buy order.

Symbol 3-bar hi market ADX 5-day Comment BS SS RPS
KORS meg 17d yes
LULU meg 18up going up, potential for bull
Hot Hands
BIB bull 12up yes
DUST pen 22 up yes CB entry 36.37 28.41
DXJ bull 31up
IGN yes bull 38up new SL (CB trade)
PALL pen 12d yes
RUSL yes bull 24up yes
TAO meg 28d yes new SL  21.11
YCS bull 28up
SPY bull 14up yes
UHN bear
UWM bull 19up yes rejected. Why ?